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Friday, October 28, 2005

Uniquely deadly

"Many observers have noticed that Democrats of the left speak of Iraq as another Vietnam. Few have explained why: Because Democrats of the left want Iraq to be another Vietnam."

That goes a little farther than I'm willing to, but I think it's fundamentally correct. To a certain segment of the Democratic Party, all the wars we've been in since 1975 have been Vietnam. Afghanistan was going to be Vietnam. Panama was going to be another Vietnam. Gulf War I was supposed to be another Vietnam.

You know what war was Vietnam? The Vietnam War.

Fighting a popular, country-wide insurgency is really tough, and it's only been done successfully a handful of times in the last 100 years. But the people fighting us don't control the country, they're not popular with the locals, hell, most of them aren't from Iraq, they're Al Qaeda thugs from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc.

Iraq is not Vietnam, anymore than Iwo Jima was. Each war is has unique problems of it's own.

(Minor note: I just noticed I described radical Muslim criminals as "thugs", when the word "thug" comes from "thugee", a follower of Kali, a Hindu diety. Oh, the irony.)


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