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Friday, December 02, 2005

Details matter

I love Ridley Scott's Blackhawk Down. Okay, so they combined several of the actual people involved into composite characters and stretched the timeline a bit. But the basic details, the loadout, vehicles and weaponry of both the American and Somali forces was dead-smack on. There was one scene where the Somalis were arming up in a bazaar to attack the stranded Rangers and Delta Force operators, and one of them grabs a Heckler and Koch G3, rather than the near-ubitquious AK.

GREAT touch. It would have been easier just to give all the Somalis AK's as it's shape is recognizable and it's acknowledgmentas the Official Gun Of The Bad Guy by previous movies. But the reliable and accurate G3 was widespread in Somalia, though not as much as the tougher and popular AK.

Attention to details like that show me that the people involved researched the subject and know and understand it well enough to speak intelligently.

So when doesn't know the difference between British and U.S. soldiers, that speaks volumes to me as to their knowledge of the military and what it's doing in Iraq.


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