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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Not In My Backyard.

The kerfluffle over the buyout of P&O by Dubai Ports leaves me a little... non-plussed (If I were upset, would I be "plussed"? Just thinking....).

So one outsourcer got bought out by another. Barring any evidence of malfesance by Dubai Ports, does it matter what nationality of the country who runs the offloading of ships really is? The enforcement of security in those ports will still be done by the local Port Authorities, Customs and Coast Guard. Why wasn't this a problem when a British company did it, but it is when a country run by (Gasp!) *Arabs* is?

Am I the only one that gets a tad queasy at that?

Less than a day's drive away from me is a border that's guarded by good intentions and three strands of barbed wire. To me, that's the real problem.


At 12:21 PM, Blogger theaterorganfan said...

And you don't think you can write? Was the three strands and good intentions quote original?


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