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Saturday, October 08, 2005

I can't disagree with this.

James Carville says the Democrats need to work on their story-telling.


Nobody likes to be preached to all the time. Look at the instructional methods of Christ. When he wanted the crowd to pay attention, he used parables. When he wanted to make a point a specific group of people, then the gloves came off. But his day-to-day preaching style was gentler, in a way that everyone could relate to. And the Dems need to learn that there's a 100% chance Bush won't get re-elected again: A strategy consisting of nothing but "Vote for us! We're not Bush!" will get them nowhere.

Carville's still nuts, of course, so he throws in some jabs at the current administration, and I disgree with his characterization of Gore, but he's the best strategist the Dems have right now. Without him, the Dems have gone 0-5. If there's any hope of the Dems getting the White House in 2008, they need to listen more to him and less to Howard Dean.


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