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Saturday, November 12, 2005


I can't see an easy landing ahead for the Democrat's recent strategy of trying to convince the electorate that pre-war intelligence was intentionally falsified. Let's assume it works: What do they say next?

1. "The intelligence was faked, and we were so powerless we couldn't do a damn thing about it!"

Oh yeah, that'll bring out the vote.

2. "Trust us, we know how to interpert intelligence data. I mean, so we were responsible for The Bay Of Pigs, The Gulf of Tonkin, the Iranian hostage rescue mission and Somalia. But no, really, we don't make intelligence mistakes."

Ummn, yeah.

Either way, it portrays the Democrats and the electorate as victims and/or dupes. And that certainly won't bring out the votes. Give the American public hope, and you win. Reagan understood that, Clinton did, too. Even Dubya was more upbeat than every single Democratic candidate in the last election. This country was founded on hope, that things can and will get better. The quicker the Democrats realize that, the sooner they get back into power.


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