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Saturday, November 19, 2005

" job is to arrange the meeting."

Murdoc Online points out something I missed about my previous post on small arms in Iraq.

"Even the 7.62mm snipers have continued to catch surprised targets (at up to 800 meters.) The Iraqi idea of a “sniper kill” is usually at ranges of less than 200 meters. The concept of longer range shots has not yet become accepted among them."

With an AK-47 that's not been serviced in a while, 200 yards is probably pushing it. But the "Insurgency" (c'mon, who are we kidding. Insurgents mean natives in revolt, and who we're fighting in Iraq is mainly foreigners) have Dragunov sniper rifles, too, which are a darn good weapon.

What they lack, and what will prevent them from ever being an significant fighting force, is the training and the will to use them, or any other weapon beyond basic small arms and bombs, against their opponent. The NVA, they're not.

"Any damn fool can die for his country. The trick is to make the other poor S.O.B. die for his." - General George S. Patton


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