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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Stand in review looks at what went wrong and right with small arms in Iraq.

Some thoughts...

1. We've always known the M-16 was fidgety and underpowered (it's basically a .22 on steriods), but the XM-8 seems a giant leap in the right direction. If development of the XM-8 is on hold due to issues with the 5.56 round, fine, just switch it over to 6.8mm (GREAT varmint round, btw) and let's move on.

2. Shotguns are effective in close combat. Gee, we seem to keep re-learning the same lessons we learned in WWI, the Pacific Theatre in WWII, Korea, Vietnam...

3. The M-14 is a helluva good weapon, but the issue with it and every other 7.62 NATO weapon has been and always will be the weight of the ammo for the weapon vs the lighter (in every way) 5.56mm round.

4. No mention of the new MGL-140 or the Marine's badass new shotgun, but the jury may still be out on those.

5. Dissappointing to hear of problems with the M243, it's a great idea and should be pursued further. Maybe replace it with a 5.56mm (or 6.8mm, if that's the way things go) version of the M240.

Intersesting as well to hear of no calls for a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) for support troops and vehicle crews. Maybe that's a non-existent problem, or current weapons like the M4A1 are good enough.


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