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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First strike

Back in November, I suggested that the Dems better come up with a version of the Contract On America if they want to take back the House:
And on a related note, it's not 1994, either. Newt &Co. were able to march into power on the back of The Contract On America by being combative, feisty and confrontational, but they also had an agenda to put through. Just fighting against something isn't enough, you have to have something to fight for. And know your limits, too. The American public has some finely tuned. B.S. sensors. They knew who to blame when the government shut down in 1995, and they know who to blame when Harry Reid shuts down Congress because of a spat about pre-war intelligence.
It looks like the GOP is trying to sink that ship before it ever leaves the dock.

The window of opportunity is rapidly closing for the Democrats. Unless they can get on message, and fast, they'll be shut out again in 2006.


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