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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Heroism, defined.

While the bloody slugfest of Omaha Beach gets a lot of press these days (I wonder what today's media would have written about that battle: "Allies clinging to thin sliver of beaches, taking fearful losses!"), it's important to remember that D-Day was an international effort, and somehow managed to be successful without the backing of the U.N.

Remembering Juno Beach, the second-most heavily defended beach on Normandy. And depsite that, a troop from the 1st Armoured Hussars was the only unit on D-Day to achieve it's objective.

Heroes, all.

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At 7:54 AM, Blogger Doug Adamavich said...

KC, actually it *was* the United Nations that was in the fight against Nazi Germany... The form the UN originally took was a military alliance against the Axis powers in WW2. Then it evolved into an international organization to resolve disputes after the war ended.

The UN at least had the veneer of respectability when you had a dozen or so "united" nations as a part of it. After WW2, you got a lot of newly independent nations that were run (and still run) by corrupt families/dictators/cliques/generals that had the same vote as the US and UK. Nowadays, the corruption and arrogance of the UN has reached almost Nigeria-esq proportions.

...and "progressives" want a larger role for the UN?

Too bad we can't just dump the damn thing and force the rest to move to Lagos, Sao Paulo, or Calcutta...


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