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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Think carefully

I dropped Wizbang Blog from my list of regular blogs I read because I found them to be a bit negative for my tastes. I much prefer to read people who have solutions, rather than point out problems all the time. Of course things are messed up, they've been that way since the Fall Of Man, and they'll be that way for a while to come still. Give my your answers, don't just point out how the other guy is wrong.

That being said, I thought this post about Kim Jong-Il was rather good:

1) The nation he is threatening is the one that invented nuclear weapons.

2) It is also the only nation to ever use those weapons in anger.

3) He has, at most, a handful of nuclear weapons, and we are a very, very big nation.

4) We have a hell of a lot more of them, the ability to deliver them to any spot in the world, and he has a very small nation.

5) Our national resolve is largely dependent on the occupant of the White House.

6) The current occupant of the White House has already invaded and overthrown two governments who pissed us off.

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