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Monday, November 21, 2005

Four little words

"I support our troops."

That's a good thing. But it's easy to say. What does it mean to live it? What actions would be indictative of your support? Not hating the troops isn't enough, as that's just evidence of a lack of malice, it implies no positive action on our part. So what does supporting the troops actually mean?


"I support our troops."

"That's nice. Do you trust them?"

I like dogs. But I don't own one. I'm not willing (yet) to put up with housebreaking one, putting up with chewed-up shoes and loud barking and slobbering, nor do I have the patience or funds to train a puppy (now) to avoid such things.

But I like dogs. I don't kick puppies. And I support my friends who have dogs, and I play with their dogs when I go to their houses. But no, I don't own a dog. No commitment on my part. I love dogs, and please, don't question my love for animals just because I don't own a dog.

It's the difference between believing in God and being a Christian. It's the difference between taking pictures and being a photographer. It involves risk and courage, and it makes all the difference in the world.


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