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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Once again, Lileks says it better than me

This is becoming a pattern…

I’d been thinking about the last successful Presidential campaign built on gloom and doom, and drawing a blank. Heck, even Carter ran as a “breath of fresh air” candidate, and was all set to rip off a great post here on that very theme.

Then I found this:

“The Democrats have convinced most Americans that they'd have left Saddam chuckling in his palaces after 9/11, that they'd oppose any war against a sworn enemy of the United States unless Richard Clarke personally saw its president give a ticking nuke to terrorists and lead them in a stirring rendition of "New York, New York."

Worst of all, they seem to want it to be 1973 again -- as if the nation yearned to bob for horse-apples in the vat of shame.

Granted, the loss of Vietnam was great for the Democrats. But it really wasn't very good for the rest of the country, to say nothing of the Vietnamese.”

Read the whole thing.

Via Ed Driscoll.


At 8:27 PM, Blogger Doug Adamavich said...

Ouch, that hurt! In my mind I can visualize what this would look like on the battlefield. You are looking at a mountain ridge twenty clicks away, overhead you see the circular contrails of B-52s against a blue sky. Suddenly, there are black clouds from GPS-guided munitions smashing against that ridge. The muffled tones come seconds later and shake the ground you stand upon. Looks like the target got serviced...


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