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Monday, June 12, 2006

I didn't leave the party, they left me

Seth Swirksy is one of many that are wondering just how big the Democrat's big tent is. The message is clear : If you're center-right, there's no place for you in the current Democratic party. History is filled with Democrats like Truman and Roosevelt who were unabashedly pro-American, pro-Democracy and pro-human rights, and their legacy, along with Scoop Jackson and Sam Nunn's tireless work for freedom at home and abroad, is quickly being erased from the history books. I want a choice, I don't want one party to dictate my political options. The Democrats need to realize that if democracy works here, it might, MIGHT just work in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and Barhain as well, and make that, and not cowardly retreat, the foundation of their foreign policy.

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